Wireless Security Cameras: Analog Wireless or Digital Wireless?

Wireless Security Cameras: Analog Wireless or Digital Wireless?

Wireless security cameras are popular security gadgets primarily because of their convenience and hassle-free functions. There are two basic types of this security camera, the analog wireless and the digital wireless camera.

The Analog Wireless Security Camera

This type makes use of radio  מצלמות אבטחה בראשון לציון frequencies when transmitting signals for audio and video. In open space, the analog wireless camera usually has a transmission range of about 300 feet. However, this transmission range does not always apply because of the presence of interference and obstructions such as walls, doors or windows. These obstructions cut down the transmission range to about 150 feet.

An advantage of using this type of security camera is that it is affordable, as compared to the other types of wireless cameras. Also, signals (both audio and video) from this type of camera can be picked up by multiple receivers. Depending on the situation, this capability can either be considered a benefit or a disadvantage.

Analog wireless types of cameras are vulnerable to interference from other devices, wireless or not. For instance, microwave ovens, cordless phones, routers and video game consoles are sources of interference for the analog cameras. The signal for this type of camera is not secure as just about anyone in the neighborhood having a receiver of the same bandwidth can pick it. Another disadvantage of this wireless camera is its average to poor audio and video quality. The quality of the images transmitted is significantly degraded by interference.

The Digital Wireless Security Camera

A digital wireless camera sends encoded audio and video transmissions over high-bandwidth frequencies (radio). This type of security camera is a hundred percent secure, as neighbors with radios will not be able to receive the signal. Digital wireless cameras have a relatively wider wireless range as compared to the analog type. The quality of audio and video is also superior for this type of camera. Another advantage of using this type of camera is that you can link multiple receivers to a single recording device, like a security DVR. Because this camera uses digital signals, this camera allows you to transmit functions and commands, like switching the lights on or off.

Which is the Better Option?

The better option would depend on the budget and the kind of situation that the security camera will be used for. For communities or areas that are relatively peaceful or where very little security alerts happen and there are more important necessities than an expensive security camera, then an analog wireless camera would suffice. However, if the area or neighborhood requires more security measures and you can afford to spend more on more technologically advanced gadgets, then a digital wireless camera would be the better option. Because wireless security cameras are very helpful equipments, whichever of these two types will be worth the money that you spend on it.

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