Using Aloe Vera For Treating Hair Loss

Using Aloe Vera For Treating Hair Loss

There are many different natural remedies for treating hair loss that are being marketed to the public. This is because millions of people suffer from hair loss each year and many of them will be looking for a natural approach to treating this problem, so they do not have to subject their body to harmful chemicals for whatever reason. One of these many herbal products that are sold for loss of hair is aloe vera. The question many people ask with this is if aloe vera for treating hair loss is even effective.

There are a few ways in which aloe vera for treating loss Does aloe vera help in weight loss  of hair may be a viable answer. The first is in the fact that aloe vera has been show to help treat skin conditions. And even though you may not consider your hair your skin, it comes from your skin which makes them part of the same body system, the integumentary system. It has been shown to help with scalp itch and dandruff, which have been associated with loss of hair. The other way in which it may be effective at helping with loss of hair is using it as a shampoo. You can do this by mix two parts aloe vera to the shampoo of your choice. This can help lower the chemicals you are putting on your scalp. Plus aloe vera can help condition your hair so you will not have to put conditioner on your hair. To add even more kick to your loss of hair shampoo, you may want to add silica to the shampoo. The only downside to aloe vera for treating loss of hair is that there is no scientific evidence that it will actually work. There are only studies and people who have done it on their own.

Even if aloe vera for treating hair loss can help, it is not a treatment in and of itself. It is more of a complimentary treatment to go with other treatments. If you want to stay on the herbal and natural side of hair loss treatments, there are many different treatments that can be done to accomplish this. One of the many herbs that are available to help with this is saw palmetto. It works in the same basic way as Propecia. Green tea, ginger and even dong quai have even been shown to help. There are a plethora of different herbs that can help. The only problem is that some of them are tested and many are not. They are traditions of various countries or treatments that were used back in time by people without resources that they found results from.

Aloe vera for treating hair loss may help, but as with all other treatments, it will only help with certain types of hair loss. It is important to see your doctor when you notice the hair loss. This can help you get the best results from any treatment you go with. Your doctor can even tell you if the product you are choosing will even be a good match for you.

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