The Rise Of Nollywood And Independently Produced Films

The Rise Of Nollywood And Independently Produced Films

In most countries, we tend to be able to view movies that are produced by major companies such as those in Hollywood. The techniques, equipment and technology used by these companies are not only advanced, they are also very expensive. Cost is the main barrier that is preventing independent film producers from making their own movies.

However, in recent years, due to the evolution of technology, Christian movies film producers have been able to achieve a break through. Using creative techniques, they are able to make use of inexpensive film production equipment such as digital video cams and computers to produce full length movies. In fact, this is happening at an amazing rate in an African nation known as Nigeria. Most people have heard of Hollywood and Bollywood. But have you heard of Nollywood?

Nollywood represents the film industry in Nigeria. It is unique and is vastly different from Hollywood. Hollywood focuses mostly on producing quality movies using sophisticated techniques. It can take many months or even years to produce a movie. Quality of such movies tend to be exceptional. But for Nigerian movies, the focus is a lot more on content. Since producers don’t have access to deep pockets like Hollywood producers, they have to come up with ways and means to produce movies without sacrificing the quality of the films. They achieve this by emphasizing on high quality content. Therefore, in many Nollywood films, the story lines are often very strong. They are not wildly imaginative, but are easily accepted by the Nigerian population. This is because most of the content focuses on story lines that are about the African people. They can identify with the plots and tend to enjoy local movies more. Using this clever strategy, Nollywood movies have been able to beat (outsell) Hollywood films.

Another part of the strategy involves producing movies in huge numbers. The rate of production is between a thousand to a couple of thousand each year. More and more film producers are joining the movie industry as they can now make movies with a relatively low budget. The great number of Nollywood films overwhelm all the other films. For this reason, other films find it hard to compete in this thriving film industry.

Nollywood movies are mostly produced by independent film makers and businessmen. The return is very attractive. A film takes just about a week to be completed and cost about US $20,000 to produce. Once completed, a film can sell over 150,000 units in a single day. With such attractive returns, many film producers try to make as many movies as they can that are within budget and can sell well. These films can be produced cheaply mainly because producers are making full use of inexpensive digital equipmen

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