Read This Important Information for the Best Way to Get Longer,

Bogus eyelashes do something amazing for the eyes also. These are generally for occasions and can keep going for a couple of days. You can track down a master to apply or attempt it false eyelashes.

STRIP lashes…

These come all set.

1. Remove from box and measure on eye, trim if lash is excessively long.

2. Take a drop of cement and with a toothpick apply a THIN line of cement on the band.

3. Trust that paste will begin drying.

4. Apply strip at base of lashes floating and holding down from tearduct to end.

Hold set up for 1 moment until stick dries. Takes a couple of times to dominate.

(Best paste is DUO – will not hurt normal lashes, yet is made with LATEX)

(BEST lashes, ARDELL – breathtaking!)

Singular lashes…

These come in Short, Medium and Long

Utilizing a change of sizes and layering them on top of each other makes for an extraordinary regular impact to the lash line.

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