Pop Up Travel Cots – Features to Look Out For

A pop up travel cot is a great accessory for the busy family that is always on the go. A cot may be used for a short nap or on an overnight trip. These cots, which look like small tents, are perfect for babies and children. It can be a hassle to pack a bulky play pen or fold up crib, and they can take up valuable space in the car.

A pop up cot folds down to a small, lightweight 嬰兒床推薦 shape. These cots often weigh less than two pounds and can often be assembled with one hand. They are portable and easy to assemble, which can be great for parents that are very tired at the end of a long trip. Cots are available in different sizes intended for different age groups, so it is necessary to check and be sure that the bed is the proper size for one’s child before purchasing.

It may be a good idea to get a slightly larger cot so that the child can utilize it for longer as he or she grows. Larger cots come with a bassinet that parents can remove and utilize separately. As the baby gets older, the bassinet can be removed permanently and just use the underlying mattress for sleeping.

Some versions come with extras such as nighttime music, attached toys, or even a vibrating mattress to lull baby to sleep. If the cot is going to be used for an outdoor activity like camping, families will want to consider buying a model that comes equipped with mosquito netting for the baby’s comfort and safety. Parents can purchase additional mattresses if they find that the one in the cot they have purchased is not comfortable enough for their child.

When purchasing one of these cots, parents have a number of options to consider. Size, folded size, portability, weight, and extra components like toys are all things to be considered before buying. Certain models of cots are often available in different colors as well.

Pop up cots, depending on the model, are usually recommended for use by babies up through the toddler years. The most popular models of these baby cots are manufactured by Samsonite and Da Vinci.

A travel cot can offer the baby comfort and familiarity, even in a strange place, so they can get adequate sleep. When babies are well rested, they are less likely to be cranky, which can be a relief to traveling parents.


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