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IPL isn’t the Real Cricket: Well, the IPL, notwithstanding the entirety of its publicity, marvelousness, and cash, is considered as ‘The Circus In the Garb of the Cricket”. Many Cricket greats don’t think about Twenty20 or T20 as Real Cricket. What’s more, the Indian Premiere cricket live streaming (IPL) has taken the Twenty20 (T20) higher than ever. Be that as it may, pundits say Indian Premiere League is more with regards to Fun, Entertainment, Business, Money, Glamor, Bollywood, and so on In any case, it contains excessively little of Cricket!

IPL Taking the Youth Away From Test/ODI Cricket: Indian Premiere League is introducing the Twenty20 (T20) with such a lot of fun, openness and includes a lot of cash that the youthful Indian Cricketers will undoubtedly get ready for the Twent20 (T20) Cricket as opposed to going for a Test Cricket or ODI Cricketer. All things considered, Indian Premiere League (IPL) gives them the easy route to progress, cash and distinction!

IPL eclipsing different games: There are many game occasions going on in India. In any case, the Indian Premiere League (IPL) is contrarily affecting different games. One of the top sportswoman in India, P T Usha says “The individuals who put cash in the IPL search for benefits. The players won’t ever feel that they are addressing the country. In the event that I put away my cash, I will definitely search for approaches to recuperate the speculation,” Usha said.

“The adoration for sports gets lost,” she added. Another competitor, Shiny Wilson says, “Practically all children play cricket. Indeed, even volleyball courts are utilized for playing cricket. IPL will contrarily affect different games.”

She said further, “It is truly challenging to get groups to observe even the Santosh Trophy football competition. IPL is simply business and not sport.”

IPL Destroying International Cricket: One view is that Indian Premiere League (IPL) is harming the International Cricket. The allies of this view keep up with that star cricketers like Adam Gilchrist, Brett Lee, Shane Bond, and so on have stopped the International Cricket (Test and ODI) to make them accessible for Indian Premiere League (IPL). This shows the inclination of worldwide players that they lean toward playing in the Indian Premiere Lea

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