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“Regardless of whether it’s the Gulf Simplyhindu, the Clinton outrage, a brought down jetliner, for sure

occurred in Littleton, you need to console your kids, again and again,

that they will be OK- – that the explanation this story is news is that IT

NEVER HAPPENS. News is the exception…nobody goes on the air

joyfully and reports the number of planes landed securely!

“My responsibility is to placed the data into an age-fitting setting and lower

nerves. Then, at that point, it’s truly dependent upon the guardians to screen what their children observe

also, examine it with them”

However another investigation of the job of media in the existences of kids led by

the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation uncovers that 95% of the country’s kids

ages 8-18 are sitting in front of the TV without their folks present.

How does Ellerbee see the run of the mill situation of the harried mother above?

“Mother’s getting hammered here. Where’s Dad?” Ellerbee asks.Perhaps at work,

or then again living independently from Mom, or missing by and large.

“Right. Most Moms and Dads are filling in as hard as they can on the grounds that we

live in a general public where one pay simply doesn’t cut it any longer,”

NBC News reporter Maria Shriver, the mother of four- – Katherine,

13, Christina, 12, Patrick, 10, and Christopher, 6- – concurs with Ellerbee: “However


aren’t utilizing the TV as a sitter since they’re out getting nail treatments!”

says the 48-year-old anchor.

“Those moms are battling to earn enough to get by and they do this is on the grounds that

they need assistance. I don’t figure children would watch [as much TV] if their

guardians were home getting sorted out a touch football match-up.

“At the point when I need the TV as a sitter,” says Shriver, who leaves definite TV-

seeing guidelines behind when voyaging, “I put on a protected video. I wouldn’t fret

that my children have watched “Pretty Woman” or “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

multiple times. I’d be more unfortunate in the event that they watched an hour of nearby news.That

would alarm them. They may feel: ‘Gracious, my God, is someone going to come

in and shoot me in my room?'”

In a transition to administer her own kids all the more intently since her significant other,

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