How to Speed Clean Your Car

How to Speed Clean Your Car

These days everyone almost owns a car. But there is only one simple problem in owning anything; the problem is keeping it clean. Especially cars that have to be outdoors a lot need a lot of cleaning.

That’s why everyone needs a few speed cleaning bilrens secrets for their cars. Especially if you love your car and don’t want to change it then you need to give a lot of attention to its cleaning.

So that it remains in good condition for a long time. Obviously the time constraint becomes an issue. That’s why you need to have the knowledge of all the speed cleaning secrets that you can get your hands on.

So the first speed cleaning secret is when you are going to clean the exterior or as it is more commonly referred the body of the car, don’t just spray water from a hose pipe.

That will not do much cleaning.

Though it is fast it is not a speed cleaning secret. The body will only be clean if you do it the proper way that is first remove the dirt with a dry piece of cloth.

Then use some car cleaning soap and a sponge to remove all the marks that might have stuck onto the car during travelling and then clean it with a hose of pipe.

After that don’t leave it to dry itself that will leave some odd looking marks of water on it. Instead use another piece of dry cloth to dry the water on the car.

This doesn’t look like a speed cleaning secret, the process looks long but for the long term it is very essential that you follow each and every step mentioned above.

If you do then after the process you will have a shining and spotless car to help you in being content with all the cleaning and also try to polish your car once every fortnight to keep the exterior looking as good as new.

Also don’t forget to clean the tires they are very important part of a car. Check their air regularly and ensure that none of them is puncture. Also check the gear oil, engine oil, water etc. these things will keep the car internally clean and strong.

Speed cleaning secrets will be incomplete if the interior secrets are not revealed. So first of them is keeping the seat covers clean. Vacuum them regularly and also wash them once in a while as children tend to drop some liquid on the cover often.

Also don’t forget to clean the windows using all the proper glass cleaning stuff. The most important speed cleaning secret for your car will be to park it in the garage when you are at home specially if you don’t use the car much.

Follow these speed cleaning secrets for your car and it will virtually ensure the smooth running of the car for years and also a flashy look that will be subjected to many envious glances and we all love that don’t we.

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