Hearing Aids – How To Buy Right

Most will keep the service, shipping and handlings fees, usually $20.00 or less. Make sure there are no restocking fees. In a few days you will receive an ITC unit with batteries to try for at least thirty 助聽器. Take at least ten days to try the device. Work with it only for a couple hours a day when you first get it and increase the time you wear it each time you wear it. These devices are like a shoe, you need to break it in a bit and give your brain a little time to adjust to the new sounds. Seventy to eighty percent of those who try one of these find that they do work. If you not solve your problem to your satisfaction, simply return the device and wait for your refund. Think about it, you are out around $25.00; the non refunded shipping and handling plus $3 to $5 return receipt postage and insurance.

Now, what did you learn? Was the ITC too big or too small? Accounting for breaking it in discomfort were there any other fit issues, raw spots, irritation? Was squealing a problem? Was it too loud, not loud enough? Could you adjust the volume? Make notes and begin to research the next logical choice for style. Do it again with another style or variation on the style. Do not rush to do it again, it took a long time for your hearing loss to develop do not try to solve it tomorrow. I get a kick out of people who haven’t heard well for years and expect to hear like they used to when they first put it in their ear. Take your time and you will prevent mistakes; it will be worth the effort and save you money.

If you find a style but the amplification or fit is not to your liking, you still have many options. Try another manufacturer with a different fit system, try a digital (or analog) device, again you are only risking the shipping and handling fee. You are in your own home, you have plenty of time and you’re protected by your credit card company. There is no better way to learn about hearing devices.

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