Guest Posting for SEO: How to Build High-Quality Links at Scale

Guest Posting for SEO: How to Build High-Quality Links at Scale

Guest blogging or guest posting is an SEO or search engine optimization technique that an e-commerce company seeking to establish its online presence can expand its reach. It entails writing a blog post and contributing it to another site. This, in turn, builds your site’s authority, exposure, links, and trustworthiness. As we all know, clients appreciate a site that they feel has a decent chance of ranking on the search engine results page. An SEO company can use this technique to effectively build a website into becoming the leading authority in the digital platform. It does take time to build high-quality links at scale, but it is doable. 

Guest posting is a way that companies can improve the content and exposure of their site. Companies establishing a relationship with the guest post writer can benefit from their expertise in the niche. With the post improving the site’s searchability, it helps to ensure that the site will be seen as an authority. E-commerce platform businesses would do well to collaborate with local agencies because of their geographical familiarity and ideation process. Experts from local firms such as SEO company New Orleans  can help companies to scale their reach pretty quickly. They can provide local SEO campaigns and establish a broader reach to target audiences all over the world. 

While other sectors would say that guest posting as a means of increasing SEO is a diminished technique, the reality is that it’s here to stay. As long as the guest writer is willing to put in the work of linking their work, it makes good business sense. The post will increase visibility and brand recognition, but it will also help create a positive page experience. With search engines tweaking their algorithms, websites must adapt and adjust accordingly.

Here are a few tips for companies seeking to use guest posting to increase their SEO ranking and build links to scale. We know these tips will significantly help the company establish its domain authority quickly. 

Explore guest blogging opportunities 

Chances are, when you enter a keyword in the search box of your preferred search engine, there will be thousands of hits within a few seconds. That’s pretty overwhelming for someone who wants to write a guest post. However, to make things easier, you can use different tools to pare down the choices. What’s important is to try to find websites that have an acceptable domain authority rating. 

Consider it a coup if you can get a guest post published on a site with a high domain authority rating. However, you cannot discount the possibility that a low domain authority rating page will become popular, and with that, your post. So the lesson here is simple, don’t be afraid to look for sites to post your work. You can scale your work depending on the site and its domain authority. 

Follow active sites that accept guest bloggers

The fact of the matter is, some sites will actively allow guest posts because it allows them to increase their content. Other pages don’t solicit content, so there’s a chance for you to get refused. However, it’s important not to get discouraged. Once you’re able to publish your guest posts, you can then start building one of the best components in SEO, which is backlinks. 

Build backlinks

One of the purposes of a guest blog is to establish a relationship with the other page so you can create a link back to your site. One of the best ways to do this is to analyze the top competitors in your niche. Then, you can replicate how your competitors do it and incorporate it into your content. You can scale your efforts accordingly so that you wouldn’t have a hard time of it. 

Focus on the format that sells

There’s data stating that the target audience prefers seeing specific content formats. Narrative posts don’t usually get the attention of the audience. However, lists, infographics, how-to, and why-posts, and ultimate guides, are among the things they expect links.

Remember this and incorporate it into your planning process. 

Incorporate graphics for your backlinks 

One way to make your backlinks even more attractive is to use a highly shareable infographic. Infographics are informational, but they also help the audience visually understand the data. With some viewers appreciative of visuals following other data, this is a sure-fire way to attract more readers.

Reach out to others and have them help you promote your content

No matter how well-written your post may be, there will be little to no traffic to your site if it isn’t promoted correctly. This is one of the reasons why you need to reach out to other people for help. You can have them mention your page and blog in public forums and posts on social media. These will help you establish credibility that will entice your target audience to visit your site. The more exposure you get, the better.


Using guest posting is a great way to increase your SEO. It does take a lot of effort and resources to do this, however, if you’re seeking to gain traction in the digital platform, you know that taking these steps is crucial to your success. 

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