Canadian in Asia Discovers Chinese Secrets to Better Sex

David is a divorced Canadian expat living and working in Hong Kong. Work keeps him busy and has little time for dating and girlfriends.

Instead the forty-something, slightly over-weight and balding executive takes a break, usually a long-weekend, every couple of months, to one of Asia’s playgrounds.

His favorite is Pattaya, Thailand, for a bit of scuba diving and the nightlife. David’s idea of a good night on the town in Pattaya is to start with happy hour in one of the open-air bars, where drinks are cheap and the girls playful.避孕套

After making his choice of girl (or girls) for the night, David usually takes them for an expensive seafood dinner along the waterfront. This is to give them ‘energy’, he says.

After dinner drinks are often enjoyed in one of the many go-go bars where naked dancers and sometime live sex shows can be on the menu. This is to get his companions relaxed and ‘in the mood’, he says.

However, the pressure of a high-powered career and lack of exercise have produced an unexpected and unwelcome side-effect, even with the stimulation of this sex playground… weak erections.

One night David had gone through his usual routine and was back at his luxury hotel with two beautiful Thai girls he had met during the evening. Both had lovey bodies and were happy to show David all their assets.

However, for David this produced a disturbing dilemma. The mind was willing, the interest was there, but the body was weak. The girls were gorgeous and ready to play, but no matter what he did to them, or they did to him, his erection let him down… literally.

While he enjoyed their company and loved viewing all they had to offer, he was unable to enjoy the encounter fully.

On his return to work in Hong Kong, David did some online research and discovered that there were solutions out there for his problem. Many involved taking chemical medication, which he didn’t really fancy.

However, he also discovered that there were several herbal remedies for this condition. Chinese herbalists, have known the benefits of certain plants for centuries.

In many areas of Hong Kong there are Chinese herbal medicine shops offering a range of remedies for all kinds of medical conditions. Chinese men regularly use these services to enhance their sex lives.

David discovered that these ingredients could now be found in handy capsules which could be purchased on the Internet, so he went online and ordered a sample pack.


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