Aircraft Auctions – I Bet You’ve Never Heard of This

Aircraft Auctions – I Bet You’ve Never Heard of This

The aircraft was making so much noise, that I could hardly listen to my own voice. So, I decided that I should better sit back and watch my cousin, who had the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face.

That noise had almost made me forget why we were there on the first place: Ah, yes. We were going on family vacations.

The plane made three or four maneuvers that I 自慰杯 could hardly call delicate and with a huge noise it touched the water. It seemed to bounce several times before it come to a floating halt.

I then realized the magnitude of what my cousin had achieved.

He had just bought his own, private plane.

Let me tell you about my cousin: he was an ex-fighter pilot that after retirement,  had started his own business. Now, there are people that when they make money, they buy either a sports car or a boat.

However, this was not his cup of coffee.

He wanted a sea plane.

When he first told me, I almost fell of my chair.

“Aircraft auctions”, he said with his usual simplicity that could make an air traffic controller nervous.

“What do you mean?”, I asked him.

He then explained me his master plan. Every year many wealthy men get into financial trouble. As a result the state takes part of their properties and one thing that goes first is that extra: yes, you got it right. The sports car, the boat and of course their airplane.

Those aeroplanes are then put in aircraft auctions and they are sold for a tiny fraction of their initial value. The challenge is that such auctions are very rare and quite difficult to find.

Well, here came the smart idea of my cousin. He asked himself, if there any way to find an on-line site that can let you participate in such an aircraft auction remotely?

And to our surprise the answer was Yes.

Those aircraft auctions take place electronically. You bid by pressing enter. Seriously. At first I thought it was a joke but no, it is real. If the aircraft is not what you want, you have sixty days to cancel your offer. The airplane goes back to the auction and you get a black point. You can do this several times before they block you from future auctions.

However no one does it. It seems that when you want to buy an airplane, you usually have done your homework pretty well.

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