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Backup tapes are a very important part of any business operation to ensure the information relevant to your business is safeguarded. While of course you can find services to assist you in the recovery of data, the more preferred option is to ensure you do all that you can to protect backup tapes. If you follow some basic rules and guidelines you can increase your chances of eliminating the need for the use of data recovery services.

There are various aspects, mostly relating to common sense that can assist you in the process of backup tape protection and continued long use.

Basic Tips:

o Follow manufacturer guidelines. This step is relatively easy but often overlooked as it requires that you actually read the guidelines provided and the recommended uses as specified by the backup tape manufacturer. While many tapes will be similar, there can be specific differences and following this simple step can assist in the overall protection of your backup tapes.

o Make sure you follow recommended instructions for number of uses of a tape. Many people do not take into account the recommended tape usage instructions and over use their tapes. Sticking to the guidelines can greatly reduce the chances of having to obtain the services of a data recovery specialist. For the low cost of additional tapes in comparison with a possible total loss of data it is imperative that you do not over use your tapes.

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